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The manufacturing of all the Continental Cobbles products is done at our factory situated in Kraaifontein, whilst adhering to specific quality control conditions & standards. Only well-selected aggregate is used in the concrete mix designs calculated by management in order to ensure the highest quality end-product. Our production process allows us to ensure quality results with a bottom layer of concrete and a top layer consisting of finer materials and a very high-quality colouring pigment. This ensures excellent product colour and texture finishes.

Samples are available at our factory in Kraaifontein, or will be delivered free of charge (only special requests) anywhere in the Cape Town Peninsula Area. 

Please note that the pictures might not reflect the true colours.

Colloseum Pavers, White 1200x600x60mm

Colloseum Pavers, Boschenmeer 1200x600x60mm

Colloseum Pavers, Boschenmeer Cream 600x600x60

Colloseum Pavers, Charcoal 1200x600x60mm

Straight Edge Pavers, Boschnmeer 500x500x35mm

Straight Edge Pavers, Boschnmeer 500x500x35mm

Classic Pavers, Boschenmeer 600x600x40mm

Classic Pavers, Tan 600x600x40mm

Classic Pavers, Dark Charcoal 600x600x40

Manor Blocks, Charcoal 300x300x50mm

Manor blocks, Charcoal 300x300x50mm

Capestone Paver, White 450x450x50mm

Capestone Pavers, Boschenmeer 450x450x50mm

Capestone Paver, Tan Burgundy Mottled 450x450x50mm

Capestone Pavers, Boschenmeer 450x450x50mm

Capestone Pavers, Tan & White 450x450x50mm

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